Reckon roughly AMW split is currently worth about $ 0.55 and DML part is worth a similar amount asjusted for expansion/retraction and fair value of Fission which should be  currently combined to about a $1.00 (open market) -

This rough calculation is without adding potential of a new interested party/s to the proceedings. Fission therfore is currently UNDER VALUED in relation to where it is surely going.

 I reckon that we may see a new bidder for all FISSION assets in the $1.20-$1.60 range which would be a steal for any potential bidder.

Caveat that with dynamics of the U308 market, short supply and longer demand dynamics.

Spot price can only go one way because it is simply uneconomic to produce at current spot price.

Add a variable of OVER CORRECTION as always happens and I see U shares all double and then some from here.

Add the GREED variable of speculaors and QE &  Currency devaluation policy of Western Nations and we should comfortably see a spot price of $80-$90 per lb. @ 2014.

If vultures have not swooped on Fission before then... true value is with potential results $2.00-$3.20 range for all properties and assets.

I know that there is no way that we will get true value, for majors have the ability to see what others cannot, which is VALUE.

My view is that Fission will be bought out this year for a fraction of it's worth &  potential and that the only winner will be the major that steals it.

Enjoy the Ride.... UEX vs FIS is potentially the next BIG play - GLTA - do your own DD