One thing i'm not hearing is the appreciation for the J zone adjacent to the Roughrider (Ex-Hathor) now RioTinto uranium play. Everyone seems to forget that this area is by far the #1 reason why FIS is where they are today, and is the #1 focus of the DML bid for FIS.

Some good calls on the reason for why everyone would likely opt for more FIS over DML or AMW. Esentially you get the premium on FIS, where it ends up prior to April 1 when this all goes down. Plus 1 share of Newco (50% of PLS), and the .35 of DML shares.

I'm expecting another bid, because the Jzone property is the key here, and the Denison crew knows this. This alone will make DML a ripe candidate for a buyout from a larger player. Maybe that's when we see CCO step up. Sure FIS gets 18 million to explore the highly lucrative PLS property with AMW as a 50/50 partnership, so ultimately I should've bought more FIS. I didn't, I bought DML... Based on their other assets that are sure to catch on at some point with big boys (and soon to be FIS's J zone property near roughrider).