No, I'm not cursing - thats the acronym for the spinout company Fission Uranium Corp. !!! (I tried to post just the letters but SH wouldn't let me, saying "Profane words were found)


Here's a good blurb from the previous link:


"Even though the market rewarded both companies for the LOI, he says, “I don’t think we’re getting full appreciation yet.” In addition to a proportional interest in the new company, each Fission share would fetch 0.355 of a Denison share. Denison closed February 7 at $1.40  "I think we’re trading at a discount,” Randhawa says. “Hopefully, as we get closer to the definitive agreement and shareholder vote, that gap will close.” The two companies expect to close the deal by April.

The spinout, Fission Uranium Corp, won’t emphasize its acronym. But it will retain Fission’s current technical team. “They’re the brains in this company. That’s why we did the deal the way we did. I think we kept the best exploration project and a great technical team.”"