Thanks Chatty for correcting my figures i was going by old figures, So really at the end of the day if Fis And AMW combine it would be basically a marriage of equals. And with If the drilling shows positive results that will Really make it  enticing for someone to grab the play with one company at the helm.

I still Think if there is a competing offer for Fission, they will want all of Fission not just a part. If and when a competing offer is announced, it will probably be in the $1 area for all of Fis.

At least the agreement is for shares of DML not a cash per share like with Hathor. This does leave us open if DML for what ever reason runs up to $2.00. Then the .54/share value for each .355 dml would actually increase our valuation for each Fission share on tender from .54 to about .74. Fis shareholders would benefit from rise in DML shares but also loose value too if DML share price were to drop.

Should be interesting to see what happens if the drill cores come back with nice depth and alot more Greater than 9999 scint valuations.