For those who have been in and out of FIS for years, than it's likely you're familiar with the 0.90 to 1.00 range. FIS spent a fair bit of time in this range and once dipped to 0.75 range, the recent 0.34 range was clearly a time for most of us to average down. Those who did are quite happy today. The SP for FIS is sure to chart higher, this deal will take some time to materialize and there is a likelyhood that someone else will try and get in here. Would be nice to see CCO step up and offer an all out bid to FIS between 1.25 and 1.50. Where I feel FIS is truly valued regardless of current market conditions and uranium spot price. This alone is why I'm holding. In any event this settles out around 0.80 for FIS SP, and the deal goes through, you still end up with FIS's 2nd best holding in a new company plus DML shares too boot, that may yeild a premium from a CCO or RIO in the near future. I'm just thinking that more offers will come for FIS. DML has put out an offer, but the big players are either already working on a deal to buy DML and leaving this alone or they're contacting FIS people as we speak.