Here in the UK media is reporting that people are having to make a choice between eating or keeping warn ! Present these people with a choice of eating and keeping warm in winter 2013 or beyond.... the sarfice being Nuclear power is a no brainer that after a winter of freezing they'll accept nuclear technology. sometimes things have to get to breaking point or beyond before they can be fixed. people are only hungry when they are lean - 2013 will mark a change in attitude and behaviour of those in need (most in the western world). The "FAT CAT" era is well and truely over. OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS even at this late stage for investors to get into potential world class plays like Fission. With western Govs racing to devalue currency U308 shares have only one way to go - NORTH - all the fundlementals are pointing to HIGHER highs in 2013- Vision (in the minds eye) is the ability to see what other cannot - FIS will pay handsomely for those with vision in 2013 imho - seize the moment - AB