“Our theory is that there are a few areas in which Cameco could be looking for acquisitions that would fall in line with their 2018 expansion goal. These include the Athabasca Basin in Canada and the Powder River Basin in the United States,” said Chang. “UEX (TSX:UEX), Denison Mines (TSX:DML,AMEX:DNN) and Fission Energy (TSXV:FIS) are the three best potential acquisition targets in Athabasca. In the Powder River area, Uranerz Energy (TSX:URZ,AMEX:URZ) has a toll milling agreement with Cameco for its Nichols Ranch production, which is coming online next year. Cameco could easily purchase that company for $150 million to $200 million or so and immediately add that production to its 2018 target.”