Most people under water were given a great opportunity to buy to at .10-.105 for a while. If they did they were able to bring down the average of the SP to a point where EXs only has to go to say .25-.30 cents. If not, they are looking for .50-.75 cents to try and break even. With LSG moving up now the Timmins area may again become the flavor of the day. If EXS can get to the 3 million ounce mark and they are not dilluted too much more I think this stock can reach a dollar plus. If KC hits then it really will be a ride with Xstrada watching, and already saying they will buy the find.  They also have put there money into keeping their  mill on maintenace, waiting to  see if we do hit there. I am finally in the green again this morning so i am more opptomistic than most, green does that.  cheers PB