The North-Limb was interpreted by previous companies as being much more prospective than the south but to the current point in time has not been as closely examined. The north-limb is more spatially related to the mafic volcanic contact horizon which constitutes the Tisdale assemblage and woudl therefore offer more potential to return higher returns. The south-limb is more closely related to the sediment belt and the primary porphry phases. While the porphry presence is in of itself a vital element which could be used to gauge the potential gold resource figures against the prolific Hollinger-McIntyre systems, these large historical gold reserves were not located in the porphry itself but were in the adjacent mafic volcanics. The proximity of the TPW north-limb is more spatically associated with these favorable mafic volcanic environments so it would it could be reasonably interpreted that the north-limb will be where the really big returns will come from.


TPW will the premier project in timmins west until something else overtakes it in terms of size and to the present point in time, nothing else comes close. This means that any available money which comes into the picture will be best served to be directed towards this project.