Miningjunkie, just because you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of ever participating in any more private placements in this and possibly any other junior mining stocks (because of your insatiable appetite for calling past clients bagholders and losers on public finacial discussion board such as stockhouse) does not mean that you need to turn negative on what may very well be one of Canda's greatest gold discoveries.  Time to man up.  Time to grow up.  Time to get professional.  Time to leave the boards.

Ted Owens you are right on.  I would add that since the north wall of TPW mimics the south wall in the same way that TPW mimics the HMC model, any resourse showing up on the south wall will be doubled in the minds of many knowledgeable people who don't have a vendeta against Explor's management.  So when the 43-101 show 1.5 million it would not be a stretch to see it like finding 3 million.  WHEN the 43-101 shows 3 million it would not be a stretch to start thinking about 6 million.  Then of course the fact that TPW's Bristol porphyry is 4.5 to 5 times the size of the HMC's Pearl Lake porphyry - well you get the picture.