Every time anybody listens to you fear mongering fools and sells due to your negative banter about the stock, the goes up right after you steal their shares, the bunch of you want to counter post pumpers but the group of you are far worse for this board. You all state how long you have been an investor in Everton and you are holding big positions  and then you only talk BS about Andre and the company. You knock your own holdings, what a bunch of goofs and the biggest goofs are RodinQC, Carlguy101, Shilock and I_PassGas.

These posters want to dominate this board and keep pumpers away to protect new investors, when Everton could be an easy double any day and they know it what great guys. 

All stocks on the venture are a big risk go start a blog about all stocks here, but Everton has more upside than downside it is way undervalued of all the DR plays and has many components to make it a huge win. The posters here that say that the charts show going to a nickel are dreaming and want buy at that level. (it's not happening) Big Black ##### or not.

These fools want your shares before the big run and in my opinion it will be sooner than they are trying to make you believe. Everton is over due now and getting ready to run big, read between the lines here ask why are they so concerned to spend their time to help anyone except themselves.