Both APV and Ponton & Pun will be drilled THIS YEAR. If you refer to the November 2012 presentation (which is and always has been on the main page - albeit a little confusing for many to find), drilling is scheduled on both properties, and by Everton.


10,000m at APV S

3,000m at APV C

3,000m at Ponton and Pun


In addition to other planned drilling. When I said "if anything Andre is ONLY going to drill APV. While Pun-Ponton and others look promising, APV is by far the greatest chance we have to strike Au", that was in reference to the notion that we NEED a JV to drill at APV. I'm saying that we have lots of drilling planned, and in in my opinion, and I believe the company's, the best prospect of finding gold is at APV, so we DEFINITELY need to be drilling there and would do so before money runs out. If we can get even one hole from APV that contains a similiar grade to Pueblo Viejo, then Andre will have no problem getting lots of additional capital.


If you want Andre to communicate more efficiently I suggest you get in contact with him personally (he's very accessable through e-mail and phone) or address it at the next AGM. IMO


Shilock doesn't stick to the facts - "Why would Everton post a drill campaign for APV when they don't have the ability to carry out it at present?" < THAT statement is NOT A FACT. They absolutely have capitial available to carry out the planned 13,000m drill program. So not IMO, but an actual fact. Between the cash on hand $1 million+ and shares of FMS, it isn't an issue. Not to mention that Andre should have gotten the lab results back by now from APV, so hopefully the boys are at work planning where to drill at APV as we speak.


Also, re: Ponton & Pun, we have to get our ducks in a row over the environmental permit. I think they're on island time over there, but don't think there will be any issues over it, IMO.