As it has been written "These assays mark the conclusion of the exploration phase at Piskanja. Management is very pleased with the outcome of the exploration program. As a result, preparation of a Geological Elaborate (which forms the basis of a mining license application) is nearing completion, in advance of the mine development phase". With all the recent past news,combining with other past very positive assay results, this SP should at least doubled up...  That was the expection of the investor (s ?) at ScotiaBank who posted on the ask 1.2 million at 9 cents.  Did he or they knew before the NR gets out ? Strange... We are far in better position than a year, 2 year and 17 years ago...and still the SP is crawling under 10 cents...It looks that we are under the radar screen or the investors having big stake here are maintain the SP low... Not surprise the management changed the poison splill terms...could be that this company is already sold and all remaining is that pulling a gently nicely done NI report to please the Serbian government and the so-called potential investors...IMHO