When I read this way back in 2010,  I thought that this seemed like a one-way 

arrow to the door. When I say a no-brainer, I simply mean this was premeditated.

I'm sure most of us realized this option would be excercised at precisely the right

time. And now is that time. We have had a plethora of NR's that bode so very well

for our beloved ERIN. I, for one, will not be surprised with several positive NR's

before we reach our goal. I have 10 peeps ignoring me! I dont mind. It is not my

goal to be loved here, but to be adding sufficient postive feed-back.

Strange, but I have a very weird thought. No accusations! BUT wouldn't it be funny

if our very own management team were responsible for our very low SP. ALL



forgive me for even suggesting such a thing!