Scotty, the answer is yes to both options A and B. I believe if we don’t get an acceptable offer on the table for option B, we will have enough deep pocket partners to go option A. Also the Technical Advisory Board will add the necessary advisors to take option A.

Erin Forms a Technical Advisory Board as It Prepares for Mine Development of Its Serbian Boron Project

Victoria, British Columbia CANADA, December 03, 2012 /FSC/ - Erin Ventures Inc. (EV - TSX Venture), has formed a Technical Advisory Board comprised of distinguished mining individuals who will act as strategic advisors to Executive Management and the Board of Directors. The mandate of this team is to provide perspective and advice on all facets of the development of the Company's Serbian boron project. The first two individuals named to the Advisory Board provide an extensive suite of knowledge and experience to help guide Erin in multiple areas including exploration, mine planning and design, large-scale construction, implementation and project management.

We are just waiting for holes No. 133 , followed by Holes Nos. 127A, 134, 135 and 136. I expect results will continue to meet expectations.

Complete drilling on Piskanja.

Access to entire Jarandol Basin with potential 20+ million tonnes of Boron.

Confirm +6,500,000 tons of Boron on Piskanja.

Mining licence application.