Great post as usual.  What is puzzling Gwylyn, as I posted before like some others, is that there are clear indications EV is sitting on a bonanza boron deposits both with Piskanja and Pobrde - but still the SP is trading below 10 cents for quite awhile given past NR heading to the granting of the license.  With 193 millions of oustanding shares, there is a lot of small, maybe big, investors that are on the sidelines waiting for a sign to pile up the shares (long holders) or selling what they have bought at 7-15 cents range (the weak hands).  The key is how the EV executive managers will do the JV partnership and increase the value of the company (actual as well as future value).  I hope that these managers have ther nerves, the vision and the network to deliver or a establish a worthy financial structure for the shareholder as well as the company. There is a lot of sharks waiting to bite and swallow this GEM. Hope they have the Serbian government trustfully on their side. IMHO