I certainly don't dispute the potential of Piskanja (or by extension EV) and wholelly agree with your assessments.
Sure, market uncertainty plays a part in the present level of EV's SP.
So what can EV do ?
The mining license won't do it (as we would have seen some movement by now)
Seems obvious (at least to me) that the market needs to see the fine prints of any signed agreement(s).
In other words, what will be the monetary benefits to EV's shareholders resulting from any agreement(s)?
How much is EV willing to part with to see Piskanja developped?
I don't know, neither does anyone here.
In more general terms, what financing options will EV adopt?
Will EV go the PP route, take on debt or a combination of these with other financial instruments
to meet Piskanja's development requirements?
In my mind, that's the main factor affecting the EV's SP.
Management's intentions are one thing but until we see Piskanja's financing terms, the SP will remain in a holding patern.

Less than $100,000 worth of EV's share have changed hands in the last month.  Seems to be the perfect time for the small investors to take a leap of faith - Institutionals certainly have not.  In the end, the pressure to participate in the development of Piskanja (and lock in a long-term supply) might very well trump all other considerations. Courtship to consummation can often take unexpected twists and turns...