I agree with you RJM that this time round the market uncertainty is the largest factor which has kept our price down, however, the first time round it was political uncertainty of the old socialist regime and corruption by them that did us in. At the time corruption and bribery was a way of life interwoven into their fabric of existence and it took them time to change their culture.

Since then alot of political changes have occurred within the former Yugo on their way to getting into the EU with different styled governments in power changing their ways.

Today, there are 2000+ junior mining companies out there and the word on the street is EV's will be the first junior to be awarded a 25-30 year mining licence. Now that's quite a feat, and according to TD as mentioned at the AGM there will be the heavy hitters with deep pockets trying to low ball us along the way. He expects that to occur and so do I. Alot of the bluechip companies will want us and I'm sure all shareholders will get a few opportunities to vote as we progress thru the process.

 Like I said yesterday, who in their right mind is going to vote to sell the company at a buck+ when this property has potential to be the largest arsenic free boron property in the world, and their is an extremely high demand for pure boron to produce a priority product in the medical profession called pharmacueticals.ie. SCL's speciality.