I think market uncertainty is currently playing a bigger role than political uncertainty. Just look at any mining stock and that pretty well tells the tale. Once market conditions improve for mining stocks, the cream of the crop will rise. Additionally, all boats rise in a rising tide.

As for the average exploration mining company out there (+1000), you have to like Erin’s chances especially since we have completed the Serbian Boron Project Exploration Drill Program and now have a multi $ billion world class deposit to develop.

Erin has already completed the exploration drilling required in order to proceed to a mining license application on its Piskanja boron property in Serbia. We are just waiting for holes No. 133 , followed by Holes Nos. 127A, 134, 135 and 136. I expect results will continue to meet expectations.



    • Complete drilling on Piskanja.
    • Access to entire Jarandol Basin with potential 20+ million tonnes of Boron.
    • Confirm +6,500,000 tons of Boron on Piskanja.
    • Mining licence application.