"if the goal of granting the exploration license was to attract a takeover from the likes of RT, woudn't giving the explo. license to EV just increase the takeover cost ? From the Serbs' perspective, wouldn't it be much better to garantee the Jarandol basin to RT as long as they takeover Piskanja, with the money saved on the takeover much better used for the exploration of Jarandol than used to lining the pockets of EV's investors"
HighPh: That is what you said, however in my opinon, they aready saved on takeover cost, BY KEEP THE SP LOW, so that after offering premium, it save them huge money that otherwise cost would (should) be much higher. For example, if SP was $1 by now, takeover cost would be multiple of that, while now it would be multiple of 7-8 cents!!!