HighPH: On EV website, there is a Piskanja Picture Drilling map where we can see lot of drillholes of which 4 were drilled by Rio. So, I guess that RT had a licence to drill.  Why they lost to EV ? Maybe EV has demonstrated a better open relationship with Serbia and that the JV they established with the stated-owned mining Serbia company helped too. And to have someone fron the government on the board, could hepled too.  I recall that, in an article Gwylyn has posted, the Serbian gvnmt/community (?) was in favor of the canadian-based company that was still in place after the trouble they've gone through.  Is RT a better partner ? IS RT has a good reputation in term of openess ?  If RIO can't buy EV, there could be others.  If Piskanja and the other two areas closed to this deposit is a third world class deposit, a buyout of EV can change the world ranking of the buyer.