Here we are! The most exciting time that any investor goes through. And Erin Ventures, as a company, must be sitting on pins and needles. It's the time when a company hits its stride, and all the pieces come together.

Here is my idea of the upcoming events. and of course ALL are IMHO

1. Erin applies for the mining license

2. Now this is a fun one! We might have a takeover bid at this point, or the license might be acquired as planned.

3. Several companies are watching this happening worldwide.

4. Ok, so the mining license is granted.

5. This is where a company, let's call this company CHINA, steps in and inquires of our mgmt, "What's it gonna take?"

6. Tim (EV) responds that any takeover bid has to be voted on by the shareholders.

7. China asks if $1/share will get it done

8. Tim (EV) responds, I dont think so.  We've been waiting for years for just this moment. and so have our shareholders.

9. China asks, "Whats' it going to take?"

10. Tim (EV) responds, you might consider an offer of $4/share.

11. Now China responds, "Are you crazy?"

12. We're sitting on the 3rd largest boron deposit in the world. No! We're not crazy, Tim replies. If you really want us, you'll have to go big or go home.

13. China relents and makes a bid of $3/share USD

14. EV shareholders vote overwhelmingly to accept this offer.

15. OR           us shareholders hold out to see just what Tim and his company can do.

16. ALL is well with the world, and with EV

cheers   Don