I  am on the impression too that no much things remaining regarding the writing of the report and all calculations.  There are small number of holes results to analyzed  which could confirm or modify the Piskanja economic  potential, which should have been estimated with the past hole results.  If we look to the past holes results, the B2O3% is higher than what should be expected normally (as per comments made by experts in 2012) on the majority of the holes.  And it seems that the risk is on a downard trend but the SP remains low.  Given past positive results, Serbien involvment, Boron promising future market, it is rather surprising the SP is not almost close to 20 cents (obtained in 2011).  Maybe the management reputation in term of communication/transparency, although it seems to have been corrected, has something to do with it.  And I am curious about the impact of the poison pill anti hostile takeover program.  Some says that poison pills could have negative impact as it restrains investors to acquire majority of interest (or a significative portion).  Erin seems to be constructed a good case to sell a 2nd world class deposits. IMHO