Eacom has definitely been priced for bankruptcy.  You can see it in the historical chart patterns.

Of all the forestry stocks, Eacom still has yet to show a profit, mostly due to lousy lumber prices and weak fundamentals in the US housing sector. As a result, the price was pushed down close to $0.


If Eacom can show a profitable quarter in this upcoming quarterly financial release, then I would expect a good pop in the shareprice (probably close to 50% - taking us close to 30 cents)


Eacom was probably the riskiest company to play in this sector, due to its lack of profitability and higher costs.  However, with the right conditions, higher risk can lead to much higher returns, so I'm cautiously awaiting the upcoming news release detailing the quarterly financials. 


Luckily I was fortunate enough to have accumulated a position earlier this year between 8¢ to 12¢.

Now it's just a matter of wait and see.