Can you say "Pump and Dump"?

We've all been here before. If you have the urge to buy before it goes higher, go lie down until it passes. EEStor  said "It will take a lot of work" which is what they have said before and it translates into "years of work".

Still, one might think that with Obama's comments on developing better batteries ZNN would be up a bit today. Apparently no one believes Obama.

Lots of pie in the sky promises but no money to carry them out. Where will the money come from? Taxes! Higner Taxes, Fewer Loopholes which means fewer deductions and higher taxes. Fewer credits and more subsidies which mean HIGHER TAXES!

Obama is a dreamer, a marxist, and an arrogant twit. He actually thinks Socialism is the way to prosperity! History has proved it is the road to ruin.