3 short years ago --- go tony go!!!



All other applications that would amount to swapping a battery for a superior (as measured on a cost/performance basis) EESU, such as power tools, etc. should add additional tens of billions of dollars in sales and another estimated billion or so to EEStor's bottom line per annum. 



So it should be easy to speculate that EEStor will have the potential to earn at least ten billion dollars per annum.   At 10.7%, Zenn shareholders would benefit to the tune of about $30/share/annum. 



Combining estimated annual profit potential from Zenn operations with their estimated potential from their ownership in EEStor, theZNN shares would reach a market value in the area of $450.



Of course, first a working production line EESU must be delivered and demonstrated, as well as indications of rapid and successful ramp-up of production lines. And, darn, not all of this is likely to happen this year. But, in my humble opinion, it will happen!





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