The news release (Zenn comments on EEStor technology) was just that. Ian Clifford commented on EEStor's technology. There was no meat, just the usual "We are working on it" fluff. The only thing new I could see was his intimation that EEStor would now be able to release components of the EESU to commercial vendors for independent testing. Ok Ian is that "Soon or Imminent?"

(Those of you who have bee around for a while know exactly what I mean when I ask that question.)

Ian's comments could have been made months ago, or months from now as far as I can see, but he issued them along with ZENN's Earnings Report which looks very much like a pump to ease the pain of the penny per share loss and other abysmal fundamentals.

It is good to see how a little good news shoots up the SP by 100% in minutes. That says my faith in ZNN can be greatly rewarded when real news of real products being placed and "SOLD??" or A demonstration of a complete EESU would really do the trick, but so for, no mention of that, just more testing, testing, testing.

I tell you all of this testing has sorely tested my patience.

I am not buying it this time. In the past I added to my position when these pseudo events took place. I bought at prices above $1.00 only to watch it wither back to 60 cents again. I'll have to see if this sticks, but from what I read in Ian's comments I have to say it is all more of the same.

Hang in there shareholders the reveal is Imminent!