I disagree, I know its painful and bad news but this ain't over yet. This selloff has momentum just like the runup. It has vol. Etc. This is the opposite of the runup. Recognizing it for what it is is key. I bought at , .34 . I am long on this stock but I didn't see this. Or rather I had false hope that it was going to bounce back to .34. This will fall further over the course of 3 months to .18. You see there is still nothing concrete for the share price to rise. They need some really good news to bring this back up. A Master Spin Doctor is what we need. We will be alright in the future. I just have to accept my losses, hope it don't fall anymore, even though I know it will, and wait it out. Don't buy yet, wait until low twenties. i wish I seen good , realistic, posts that are balanced not bullish, or bearish but are truthful. >