Hi All:

Lets try and think a little before deciding the Encanto group are stupid along with the Indian Government.

India sent a team to Canada to acquire confirmed Potash contracts for now and the future - ensuring the Potash is sure to be available at these low prices. This is no different than someone buying into a Condo a condominium being built 2 years from now.... they pay a small downpayment getting a good price and prime location before the building is complete and in 99.9% of the cases, make money selling the condo the first day it's open or move in the first day they can....If they so sell it, they make a nice profit larger than the discount Encanto gave up for a solid contract !!!.

As for Encanto. They have just been handed credability with this " Futures " contract, investors can now fell comfortable the mine will eventually become operational. Secondly they have assured sales at a small discount for the furture cash flow they will need. ( Banks Like that! )

Hope that helps your perspective on the deal.

Have a good one.