Profits from this mine will enure to the benefit of Canada's indigenous people for the next hundred years. Canada wants it. The Indians want it. The only people who don't want Encanto to succeed are other junior potash explorers -- for obvious reasons (lol). The Muskowekwan' mine will be a huge accomplishment for the indigenous people throughout Canada. I expect permitting in record time. First Nations is abuzz as the world patiently waits. Not often is the general public allowed to invest with so much confidence in a project that seems like a sure thing to this old veteran. Profits for shareholders who buy in now could be staggering. This could be the story of your lifetime to your heirs. In my opinion, you should mortgage your home and sell that second car and put the money into shares of Encanto. This mine is different, the first Indian mine with profits going to the people of First Nations. It is their birthright. It is their fortune. It is their future.

Note: I'm not an investment advisor and could be wrong. JMO, as always.