I only posted a quote / a sentence from the last news release. Go, check and compare it with the last news release. The quoted sentence is in the news release. Your are so  delusional that you even deny facts. You do not even hesitate to make false claims, in particular that I would be JD the Prof. How dare you! Watch your words! No one can immitate or be at the same time JD THE PROF (you should analyse all emails and compare those emails. My language is very different and my English is too bad). JD is a unique man! And he belongs to the ones with a clear mind and understanding. He possess intelligence. This is something which you do not have. You are a pumper! You try everything with your posts that some rookie investor would buy in an overvalued stock which is still far away from production earnings. You deny facts and figures and are too much in self-love with your own fantasy. Everyone should check the financials carefully or get an independent stock analysis. Dreams and fantasy alone do not help.