Encanto as a company offers several advantages to the investor that most
other projects do not:

First Nation Advantage #1: A common idiom says “One man’s
trash is another man’s treasure” and Encanto is demonstrating just
that in working successfully with the First Nations. Where many
companies would pass on projects on or adjacent to FN lands,
Encanto embraced this business model and has built a solid
relationship with a pro-development First Nation. The significant
advantage arising from this collaboration is a simplified and quicker
permitting process that should deliver a mineral lease (in other
words), the mining permit prior to the completion
of the Feasibility study, subject only to an acceptable Environmental
Impact Statement.
First Nation Advantage #2: The second advantage of working
together with the FN is access to contiguous land blocks. Encanto
does not have to deal with a checkerboard pattern of land blocks so
common to Saskatchewan provincial potash leases. Other companies
encounter freehold land claims on up to as much as 50% of their land
package . These freehold leases are negotiated with individual landowners, contrary to Encanto who only deals with one stakeholder, the Muskowekwan First Nation.

First Nation Advantage #3: The third advantage arises from the
risk associated with FN projects. Up until now, investors have
significantly discounted Encanto pending a positive outcome of the
designation vote. This gives Encanto strong growth potential should
the vote go through (and now it has). At the same time, being an undervalued
company with a strong project opens up the doors for a potential
takeover, especially if financing becomes an issue. In both cases,
investors could benefit significantly.

Source: Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.