Sorry Grassy? Pump/Hype? - your views are strictly Pump/Hype and Spin and not creditable.

MGMT has lost its direction and respect by investors, investors are voting with their selling and the Stock reflects this. 

Stock Performance reveals the poor performance and direction of this company and MGMT.

MGMT, Tim and Team, were excellent, in the past, but they have fallen down and very disappointing with their current business plans and direction. They need to rethink and regain the respects of investors.

There is a certain Crowd/Fund that has been close to, via investments, EPL MGMT for some time and have increased their influnce, in my humble opinion, based on discussions and meetings at various Gold shows through out the last few years. This Crowd is, in my humble opinion, not good for EPL and EPL investors, they will buy but quickly flip and sell, as soon as suckers buy their game. They will say they are buying but, they are sellers. To Quote one of them, Paper/Stock are for selling and only selling.