I couldn't agree more. This is the beauty of this investment. EOG has the largest amount of acreage in Walvis Baisin.

All the oil companies world wide have got their eyes peeled on off shore Namibia. Majors and super majors have farmed in and are actively wild cat drilling. Most following the thesis first poposed by Marcio Mello, that off-shore Namibia is geologically contiguous with the Santos Baisin off shore Brazil.

HRT , under Mello's leadership are drilling two wells in Walvis Baisin, right in the middle of EOG's blocks. Walvis Baisin is considered to be the most likely to contain oil out of all the Namibian off shore baisins. We know there are hydrocarbons because of the gas finds further south. HRP are super confident because of their 3D and the oil slicks. Tower likewise.


Chariot, who has mixed acreage had a valuation at its peak of $700million plus at the beginning of 2011 before any drills and before all areas had had 3D seismics etc.

HRT strikes oil and EOG will be the most popular kid on the block