To quote wallywill:

"Yes it will be hRT on block 2212 on the Wingat prospect. It is the block next to Eco's 2213A"

That may not be the case according to this post on HRP's SH discussion board. 


It appears that Peter O´Brien, ex Rosneft VP /and Morgan Stanley, and current HRT Council member was the buyer of 2m shares in HRT last week. News from Brazil bbs indicate that at the earnings teleconf last week, MM let slip that he was confident of getting 100m per farm out. In addition, they seem to have changed the 1st drill location from WINGAT to MEERKAT PEL 23 which previously HRT said they would only do if persuaded by the farm in partner. So, possibility that there is either a 2nd farm in partner in discussion, or 1 "eminente" partner wants to double up - Eminente refers to Big Oil - and presumably up the ante.

IMO we should see an announcement this week as there is growing speculation on the market and boards in Brazil