We will soon know the results from the Wingat well.I notice several similarities between Kunene-1 and Wingat although they are located in different basins.(Namibe and Walvis basin).Geologically the results from Kunene should not be of significance for Wingat.In Tower Resources`s presentation there is a migration pathway map that shows migration from the Namibe basin(1711)down to the well Repsol and Tower will drill in the first quarter of 2014.That well is also located in the Walvis basin but closer to 1711.The results of that well could geologically be of significance for 1711.

Sintez decided to drill deeper than initially planned,found gas at about 3700 m and wanted to check for oil or gas deeper.They discovered a second gas zone at about 4700m.Drilled to 5052m.They couldnt drill further to check for oil.The share price sank.HRT planned to drill Wingat to 4100 m,rumours that they found gas and as Sintez did they decided to drill deeper.Finished at 5000m.The share price so far behaves similarly as Energulf sdid when Kunene-1 finished.We dont know if HRT discovered a second hydrocarbon zone.As in the case with Kunene there now is talk about that several months of analysis will be needed to evaluate Wingat.