PGS is a company that perform seismic surveys.They have farmed in with 10% to Chariots`s central blocks where they did the seismic  and with 48% to Maurel et Proms blocks where they will be doing 3D.They now made a deal to undertake huge amounts of 2D and 3D from north to south offshore Namibia.They hope they will be able to sell the results to future operators of open blocks.In some cases they probably will take a percentage of a block as payment for the seismic as in the case with Chariot.Since 3D is expensive they will probably restrict this to areas they know 3D will be needed.Hartman is one such area.Energulf could offer a share or even operatorship of 1711 to PGS in return for 3D at Hartman.It will be interesting to monitor where PGS will do 3D in 2013.If I remember correctly UNX bought results from a multiclient 3D survey in one of their blocks.