This is a very early stage exploration project, and I'd be cautious in simply dismissing results because they happen to be grab samples. These samples were taken as part of an initial prospecting/reconnaissance program on the Mt. Uniacke project. Having taken part in several such projects, there's no doubt that they were selective. That's what you do. They would've selected samples from the mine dumps, picking what appeared to be "juicy", ore grade material as well as some random samples; and they would've selected samples from the exposed veins and the adjacent wall rock. Of the samples collected, 6 graded 1.7 g Au/t to 18 g Au/t, and there's no doubt that several were also non anomalous. Honestly, I'd be more concerned if they weren't selective in their sampling.


As for the vein width...yes, for the most part they are veinlets.  However, having said that, veinlets usually occur in swarms or clusters and it's quite common for the veins to pinch and swell at depth.  It's also quite common (given gold's specific gravity) for the grades to increase at depth as well.  "Large scale mining"?  If anything, we'd be looking at a small scale operation with a minimum mining width of 2-3 m.  There's numerous junior miners that are operating profitable, small scale underground operations, mining narrow zones grading 4-8 g Au/t. 


At any rate, any discussion of mining potential is far premature at this stage.  I've invested as a speculative exploration play which could generate some excitement and price appreciation with surface assays or future drill results from any of the company's quality projects particulary Lower Seal Harbour (gold), Mt. Uniacke (gold) and the Savant Lake graphite properties.  Positive results from any of these properties should advance the company's sp higher.  With only 24 million shares and a paltry $360,000 market cap, I feel the potential of those properties is not reflected in the sp.  Now if the company would only update investors on what if any exploration is being conducted, or at least respond to emails, shareholders would be even more informed on their company going forward.


Have a great weekend.