If you read the the old news, presented as new and without the full story,  written by Mike Caswell for Stockwatch 26 Mar 2013, then you will want to know where he can be reached.

Assuming that this is the same Mike Caswell that wrote the partial facts of the ELN story, then he can be found at the following address/email etc.

Mike Casewell, Box 10371, 1550-609 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C., V7Y 1J6

email: [email protected]

Site:  http://sales.stockwatch.com/intern/internad.htm

The site claims that performance milestones of the course offered include speed, ACCURACY and productivity. 

Mr. Caswell might want to review what he has written on ELN and then include what he has not written for accuracy.

Read the accurate past history of ELN's court decisions and the determine for  yourself if his story is complete and accurate including all the court cases and their decisions to date.