Quote "Kasala  Copper-Cobalt Project - DRC

The Kasala  Copper/Cobalt project is located in the Central African Copper belt, approximately 25 km from Minmetals Mining Resources' Kinsevere Mine (formerly owned by Anvil Mining). The Kinsevere mine has a resource of 24.8 million tons grading 3.75% Cu. Drill intercepts on the Kasala  project of up to 232 metres grading 3.28% Cu. The project is currently under Force Majeure pending outcome of arbitration in British Columbia and litigation in the DRC. Unquote" The above quote is from their Oct 5 new release.The intercept should read 23.2 metres and not 232 metres. This should have been corrected by now!!! By the way 23.2 is a very good intercept.