Quote "Canadian Insider lists those shares and warrants as owned by Linda Holmes" unquote.

Someone will have to clarify this error soon but, its not important to me as it is great to see insider holding

a major position in El Nino. By working for them self they will be working for us.

I always like the directors holding a major position in a company instead of having no interest with a large payroll not linked to performance.

I expect more news next week from ELN about the purchase of the 15% for a total of 50%. interest in the deposit.

Votorantim, I assume will try to make a deal for all of the deposit once MBM is out of the way. I don't believe that Voto will want El Nino with their hands in the kitty once the money comes rolling in.

Harry Barr has experience in this field and will want the fair value for our El Nino's  interest.

Blue sky ahead and a sunny day when we get Kasala.

It should climb to over 50 cent/share, maybe over a dollar. Time will tell.


I think that MBM sold to early but this is excellent for ELN, getting another 15% very cheap.