It will be interesting to see how they execute their go to market strategy. Looks like they have built a solid team of professionals in each functional area. They recently raised 10.5MM to fund the launch and development of new products. Kholsa Ventures is one of the premier venture capital companies in silicon valley so in terms of business advice and input as well as access to additional capital the company certainly seems to be on strong footing.

The product is only for sales to physicians right now bu they will be making an announcment in January on consumer sales. They are also launching in eurpoe in early 2013 and will be launching an android version as well.


The question going forward is will the addition of a new competitor who will likely be more active on the marketing front help raise awareness of the handheld ecg category and if so will ekg benefit. As it stands right now it looks like alivecor has already made some strong inroads into the medical community.