As usual offside you focus on the minutia and lose site of the big picture. First point, the "award" was according to what many former employees say, not a freebie. Unfortunately neither of us know the facts do we? But onto the big picture. It's not a bad thing they are doing an infomercial. It's just inconsequential. And it's likely a waste of money given that they have one distribution point. Why advertise when no one is able to go look at the product and maybe check it out before buying. Tell me was it a good idea to run that insert in usa today? Does anyone remember it?


As for the B channel. Tell me you are a regular viewer. Find me a regular viewer. And as an investor I don't think watching paid for infomercials is a good place to get objective opinion. But it fits what the horde lives on. Fluffy clouds and kittens. Not like you would ever get a sobering thought in one of these 5 minute love-ins. And not like a serious investor would take anything said here as gospel.


But the real big picture issue offside is the lack of revenue growth. You cheer the dribs and drabs but forget as usual the goal is to grow the amount of money coming in the dorr. You have been making excuses for 10 months. You like the other horde-ers have been promising sales and a soaring share price since February. So, where is the progress. The real progress, not as you say "slowly making progress".


Until your next apologist post I wait and I chuckle.