A paid for advertisement to get the news of the PEN out. What's the issue?  When CardioComm won a North American award, there were words that it was not a real award and that it was bought, which is incorrect.  Now CardioComm buys advertizing to reach investors and some criticize that as well.  It seems the basher horde (yes the horde) do not like whatever CardioComm does whether they are paid for commercials, adverts, press releases or CEO updates.  The bashers will always be there to call a horse a cow.

Interesting that at  a lesser contributor to the EKG board said that they have never seen of the B channel.  I guess that is because it is intended for investors. No surprise here.

Did anyone notice that Pfizer is in the line up of the companies highlighted?  Maybe someone can also criticize Pfizer for waiting time with this distribution channel.

If anything, the regular updates and efforts of the company are keeping this board buzzing with entertaining but impotent (not important) attacks on a v company that is slowly making progress.

We watch and we laugh.