in terms of technical / stock price behavior.......

We didn't breach the
.59 cent level on the news but I believe we will on Monday with a small gap up at the open.
.56 cents is now the highest close since May 2001 and leaves her wide open for further increases in share value.

Key technical areas to watch are:

.49 to
.51 support area

Resistance -

.74 cents

.86 to
.95 (April 16, 2001 high)

   -   $1.41 to $1.58

and of course after achieving these price targets this will likely present a green light for $3, $3.74, $4.85 and the parabolic peak in 2000 of $5.95.

A commanding close @
.75 cents or higher is in my opinion is the key to attacking the levels above and presents more certainty that we will see $1.30 to $1.44 in the next couple of weeks.

Any thoughts?....