Well I have go say revanche he is making a believer out of me. I found it interesting he referenced "the langers". I clearly remember langers wife being mentioned in relatiion to the Anglo german lawsuit. She was at a meeting where the inflated sales projections were presented. Seems there was also some link to her company mentioned in the lawsuit. What does this mean? Seems he is pretty familiar with the people and the situations. 

Certainly can't argue the point about past success or lack thereof. It's a point I have made for a year. Which was basically why would they make this work when nothing else they have done has been much of a success.  and I recently posted the quote from grima where even he said the pen wasn't a new idea it was the monitoring. Which other clearly do. 

And then wow revanche naails it with another product that does the same things. That pretty much closes the door on the DD crew who have for a year said there were no other products out there. If I was a baggie I might want to have a toast tonight to my long gone capital.