Lol, I guess the truth hurts stings a little eh Murgo? This is my only and original ID. If you think I'm "someone else" then please get over your own paranoia. Yes my account is recent as I'm recent to this forum, but not to Cardiocomm.

You can choose to believe the things I've pointed out or not, that's up to you - but the ONE thing you can't argue with is for all the pomp and circumstance and saber rattling that Grima and the Langers have been doing over the years, what's the one consistant thing over that same time frame? CCS/EKG has gone no where and the stock is constantly in the sh*tter (aside from it's breif rise to the 0.60s last year). The proof is right there for all to see. You think suddenly Grima is going to magically turn things around with an over priced ECG pen? Not to mention that a quick Google search brings back lots of the same "HeartCheck" ECG pens - called the  MD100P10 made by Chociemed - who simply just rebrands the pen for CCS. This ins't ground breaking or anything new as the MD100P10 has been available for years. Grima just simply added apay-per-use overreading service to the pen. Not to mention that there are competitors out there doing the exact same thing, but with a better product: