Perhaps MUGO can explain how those two other stocks make money.

No idea.  Don't follow any stocks on the venture except this one.  The point was is that YOU had no idea what they did yet jumped in.  NOT GOOD, Cuz!!! 


With the other no body on that board can explain where profits might appear from so enlighten us please MURGO. As for EKG would it be correct to say they were all hype and no follow through?


That is the million dollar question, isn't it.  They may start making significant sales and the share price will reflect that.  The combination of not having much in sales and people dumping has had a definite negative effect on the SP.  The management seems to be doing a good job in getting approvals and deals but the sales are slow in coming.  That's why these stocks are risky though I still have confidence in them to make a significant splash this year.  We'll see. 


Staying out of the market from April through year end 2012 was a wise move