Im at an airport lounge in Frankfort coming home right got the pieasure to read what you wrote about me..ya know..being a drunk and all that. See, there are a few people here who know my ture name amd identity. and what you posted was false. You crossed a big line of your rash attempt to batter posters who may favor EKG. See, its one thing to call folks mor4ons and idoits, but another to falsely make public reference to those in a false light that have a negative impact on their character on false information, especialy if those have some contact with the company itself.


My investment in EKG is relatively small...considering the whole of my total portfolio...but your false sttements in my case has caused a negative light of my own name of those that know me by name as a poster. and those of the company. Ture--EKG represents a small portion of my full portfolio, but the damage you have cost in terms of my reoutation with respect to my name (which is very public) as well as to the company itself, as well as my relationship with the company, may be far more significant than you imagine.


I have been in conact with Stockhouse, as well as Canadian attorney firms. and the like. You are a small potato...I assure you I am not. Heck or high water <i am coming after you you with full guns. You are going to be one sorry MF, and in discussion with other posters off board. enjoy a grerat deal of support. You are done punk. Done and cooked. Retort as you may...but watch and learn. Cost is no object. Take my word for <i am always good to my word. Your goose is cooked. If it is the last thing I ever do. it will be to burn you for the damage you did to my name. that to other good people on this board, and to the company and its reputation itself.


Watch and learn. The wheels have already been turning. You are toast. my little alphebet friend. Consixer this an absolute promise. I welcome your cynical retorts...dig your grave deeper. pissant.