Well, HA, given I’m about 10 hours ahead of you where I’m at, and you replied within an hour to my post, means you were monitoring the board on a Saturday at about 5-6 am and ready-at-arms to respond. Uh huh.  I did say that when I returned in about a week, I’d indeed prove you were xyz—but your just making this too darn easy I may not have to, lol.  You play the role of straight-up basher when xyz, board trasher when Lazor, and a “critical long” favoring the downside to EKG when HA. It’s all nothing but a big game to you—and a desperate one at that. But this has made it as transparent as can be, and you have revealed a lot in the process.


Your deceptive board practices, and subsequent games have given you away. Interesting, you’re the only poster other than xyz, getting “4 points” per post anymore, lol. As if that stupid point system mattered anyway…but you use your phony monikers to do so to your advantage, as well as slam the best posts by long posters. Interesting no one but you and your ilk, especially xyz gets “4’s” anymore…not that that matters to me in the least, and don’t care you “gave me a 3” for my last one slamming you…the whole point system is a joke for the most part and you have clearly shown you use it as a means for manipulating the opinion of others—and do so using all your multiple monikers.


No more time to waste. I’ll leave it up to others to draw their own conclusions. But pretty obvious to me XYZ…eh…Heartattack…alphabet boy, that your days of fraud are over. How pathetic. You just proved my entire point in one fell swoop, XYZ. Now, I welcome you to Iggy land.